Reading Suggestions
Here is a list of books about bipolar disorder and major depression.

Mood Disorders:
Acquainted with the Night: a Parent’s Quest to Understand Depression and Bipolar Disorder in His Children, by Paul Raeburn

Anxiety Disease, by David V. Sheehan, M.D.

The Bipolar Child: the Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood’s Most Misunderstood Disorder, by Demitri Papolos

Bipolar Disorder Demystified, by Lana R. Castle and Peter C. Whybrow

Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Patients and Families, by Francis Mark Mondimore, M.D.

Bipolar Puzzle Solution: A Mental Heath Client's Perspective, by Bryan L. Court and Gerald E. Nelson, M.D.

Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need To Know, by David J. Miklowitz

Brilliant Madness, by Patty Duke and Gloria Hochman

Breaking the Patterns of Depression, by Micael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

The Broken Brain, by Nancy C. Andreason, M.D., Ph.D. The Burden of Sympathy: How Families Cope with Mental Illness, by D.A. Karp

Call Me Anna: The Autobiography of Patty Duke, by Patty Duke and Kenneth Turan.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder by Monica Ramirez Basco, Ph.D. and A. John Rush, M.D.

Control Your Depression, by Peter Lewisohn

Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness, by William Styron

Daughter of the Queen of Sheba: A Memoir, by J. Lyden

Depression and Its Treatment: Help for the Nation’s #1 Mental Problem, by John H. Greist

Depression: What Families Should Know, by Elaine F. Shimberg

The Depression Workbook, by Mary Copeland

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania by A. Behrman

Exuberance: The Passion for Life, by Kay Jamison

The Feeling Good Handbook: Using the New Mood Therapy in Everyday Life, by David D. Burns, M.D.

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, by David D. Burns, M.D.

The Good News about Depression, by Mark S. Gold

Happiness is a Serious Problem: a Human Nature Repair Manual, by Dennis Prager

"Help Me, I'm Sad”: Recognizing, Treating and Preventing Childhood and Adolescent Depression, by David G. Fassler, M.D., and Lynne S. Dumas

Helping Someone with Mental Illness: A Compassionate Guide for Family, Friends and Caregivers, by R. Carter

Steele D. His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina, by D. Steele The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (a Little) Craziness and (a Lot of) Success in America, by John Gartner

I Am Not Sick I Don’t Need Help!, by X. Amador & A. L. Johanson

Journey Not Chosen…Destination Not Known by M. R. Worthen

The Life of a Bipolar Child: What Every Parent and Professional Needs to Know, by T. Carlson

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder, by Julie A. Fast & John D. Preston

Manic Depressive Illness, Frederick K. Goodwin, M.D.

Mood Genes: Hunting for Origins of Mania & Depression, by Samuel Barondes, MD.

Moodswing: the Third Revolution in Psychiatry, by Ronald Fieve

New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder, by Jan Fawcett, et al.

Neural Misfire: A True Story of Manic-Depression, by Jeff D. Kazmierczak

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, by Andrew Solomon

New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder by B Golden and J. Fawcett

Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder: Innovative Parenting and Counseling Techniques for Helping Children with Bipolar Disorder and the Conditions That May Occur With It, by George T. Lynn

Touched With Fire: Manic Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament, by Kay Redfield Jamison

Understanding Depression, by Patricia Ainsworth

Understanding Depression: A Complete Guide To Its Diagnosis And Treatment, by Donald F. Klein, M.D.

An Unquiet Mind: a Memoir of Moods and Madness, by Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD

Schizophrenia Revealed: From Neurons to Social Interactions, by Michael Foster Green

Stranger Than Fiction: When Our Minds Betray Us,   by Marc D. Feldman

Surviving Schizophrenia,   by E. Fuller Torrey

We Heard the Angels of Madness: One Family's Struggle with Manic Depression   by D. Berger and L. Berger

Wellness Recovery Action Plan,   by M. E. Copeland When Bad Things Happen To Good People,   by Harold Kushner

When Someone You Love is Depressed: How to Help Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself,   by LE Rosen and XF Amador

Why Isn’t Johnny Crying: Coping with Depression in Children    by Donald McKnew

Working on the Dream: A Guide to Career Planning and Job Success [workbook]    D. Lavin and A. Everett

PDF File: www.psychgenes.ucsd.edu/downloads/kelsoectp.pdf; by John Kelsoe, MD

Mind/Body Healing
Natural Health, Natural Medicine: A Comprehensive Manual for Wellness and Self-Care, by Andrew Weil, M.D.

Quantum Healing, by Deepak Chopra

Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of your mind and Body to Face Stress, Pain and Illness, by Jon Kabat-zinn, PhD

Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, by Joan Borysenko, PhD.

Yoga for Depression, by Amy Weintraub

The Antidepressant Sourcebook, byDr. Andrew Morrison

Essential Pharmacology of Depression and Bipolar Disorder, by Stephen Stahl, MD

Essential Pharmacology of Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers, by Stephen Stahl, MD

Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids by Timothy E. Wilens

Living When a Young Friend Commits Suicide: Or Even Starts Talking About It. Boston, by EA Grollman and M. Malikow.

No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One, by Carla Fine

Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison

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