Psynome™ – tests for two mutations in the GRK3 gene that are associated with bipolar disorder. Patients who have either of these two mutations, are Caucasian, of Northern European ancestry and have a family history of bipolar disorder, are three times more likely to have bipolar disorder. Psynomics is not currently taking orders for Psynome.

Psynome2™ – tests for mutations in the Promoter L allele gene that predicts patient response to serotonin-based drugs, the most commonly prescribed drug therapies today. No other DNA test exists today to identify an individuals positive or negative response to SSRIs. The serotonin transporter gene is associated with response to SSRI antidepressants, as well as, several other traits including vulnerability to stress induced major depression. Patients with one of two genotype mutations that are Caucasian and suffering from depression, are twice as likely to benefit from treatment with an SSRI type of antidepressant. Psynomics is not currently taking orders for Psynome2.

The identification of each new gene, added to the current list of patented genes, will continue to improve the specificity, sensitivity and diagnostic accuracy and lead to a greater understanding of these diseases. Future genetic discoveries and collaborative relationships will allow Psynomics to expand the range of its tests to include other mental disorders.

Who Will Benefit:
Psynomics’ products and services are for individuals seeking answers about their own mental and physical health, and the professionals who diagnose and treat the bipolar patient population.

For patients and their families, Psynomics provides up-to-date, informational, diagnostic and treatment resources in complete anonymity.

Because genetics plays a key role in psychiatric disorders, Psynomics’ diagnostics help the immediate families of the afflicted populations in assessing their own exposure.

For mental health professionals, Psynomics will enable physicians to provide state-of-the-art, DNA-based evaluation to aid in diagnosis and selecting optimal treatment for patients.

Initially, Psynomics will limit its testing to those patients already exhibiting symptoms to help confirm the genetic cause and the risk of developing bipolar disorder. The company will not test individuals who have no symptoms but want to know their likelihood of developing bipolar disorder.

Benefits for Patients:

  • Earlier and more accurate diagnosis
  • More rapid and accurate selection of the correct treatment
  • Reduced patient suffering
  • Reduced overall healthcare costs
  • Reassurance and education of the patient and family, which reduces stress due to social stigma
  • Early notification of family members of risk.
  • Consultation and reassurance by board-certified psychiatrists and genetics experts
  • Tools to help manage and control their own health

Benefits for Physicians:

  • A new, objective means by which to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively diagnose and treat patients with bipolar disorder.
  • Professional support services for psychiatrists and other healthcare providers.
  • A reduction in the guesswork and redundancy of effort in helping their patients.
  • The ability to personally and directly improve the lives of their patients.
  • A reduction in physician frustration over time, energy, and emotional and intellectual concern over the lack of success with these illnesses.
  • Unique, progressive and branded tools with which to increase their effectiveness and patient satisfaction.
  • The opportunity to be one of the first to use a dramatic and superior new tool that is on the leading edge of the merger of two exciting fields: psychiatry and human genomics.