Psynomics offers a state-of-the-art expert diagnostic evaluation that includes the following:
  • Upon completion of the online registration process and payment by credit card, a saliva collection kit is mailed to the individual.  Upon completion of the simple saliva “spit” collection, the kit is returned via mail. All mailing materials are provided and all postage is fully prepaid by Psynomics.  DNA is prepared from this and the patient is tested for genetic variants. Presently, testing includes two genes:
    • G protein receptor kinase 3 (GRK3) – Two variants in this gene are tested. These variants have been shown to be present 200% - 300% more often in patients with bipolar disorder than normal controls.
    • Serotonin transporter – This gene is the site of action of SSRI antidepressants and indicates a 200% greater rate of response to SSRI medications. It also is associated with a greater risk of antidepressant induced mania in bipolar disorder.
  • Our Psynome™ DNA test currently includes two genes. These are two of the best validated gene associations in psychiatry. We plan to add many additional genes to the test panel in order to include all genes shown to be associated with psychiatric diagnoses and treatment response. As more genes are identified and added, the Psynome DNA test will become more powerful in its ability to predict diagnosis and treatment response.
  • For those tested now, we will offer significantly reduced pricing for subsequent gene testing as additional discoveries are added to our test panel of genes.


  • Clarification of diagnosis in patients with complex presentations
  • Patient reassurance with state of the art testing
  • Documentation of symptoms and course
  • Optimized predictions of treatment response to aid in selection of medications
  • Reduction of social stigma for patients

Which Patients Will Benefit

  • Patients with unclear presentation and possible bipolar disorder
  • Those with depression and periods of irritability and activation
  • Patients with depression and family history of bipolar disorder
  • Patients with history of ADHD that now may be developing bipolar disorder
  • Patients with depression or bipolar disorder for whom you are considering a course of SSRI antidepressant medications
  • Patients with bipolar disorder who may be at risk for antidepressant induced mania

What Psynomics Can Do

  • Psynomics can aid in making a diagnosis
  • Psynomics can help predict whether SSRI medications will be efficacious
  • Psynomics can help predict how vulnerable patients may be to antidepressant induced mania
  • Patients can be reassured by receiving a state of the art second opinion consultation

What Psynomics Cannot Do

  • The Psynome DNA Test cannot alone make a definitive diagnosis. A positive result only increases the probability of bipolar disorder. This is in part why the DNA test must be interpreted in the light of detailed clinical information.
  • The Psynome DNA Test cannot rule out bipolar disorder.
  • We cannot estimate risk for developing bipolar disorder in an asymptomatic individual. For example, we cannot determine the risk to the children of bipolar parents using the DNA test.